A flavor of the month word that entirely too many people are suddenly using.

It means something like a custom or belief attributed to a group or class of people, especially one outmoded. (Thanks Oxford)

I propose that it should mean someone who uses trendy 'new' words to fit in with the current blog crowd using the same damn word, relentlessly.
"God damn, did you see that Shibboleth? He started saying every new blog buzzword of the day like it was going out of style. What a Shibboleth."

by DonkeyKong Kroger FX February 12, 2009
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1) Word for a slag word used to denote something cool.
2) one itself
1) grovy, shibby, sick
2) Person 1: I got a new car!
Person 2: Shibboleth!
by Silvergrunt June 30, 2004
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Noun; the way in which a person or group of people speaks, distinctive.
Seth is the king of shibboleth, "HIEEE how aRE YA?!"
by TheBourgeoisie123 September 06, 2017
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1.the word you use to curse a demon program that will not work when most needed
2. a word used by UF students whenever something goes wrong
1. ten minutes left to take my chem online exam *error* Shibboleth!
2. *step on some dog business*... "Shibboleth!!!"
by nastigirl December 04, 2011
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the name of the software system used to log in when an institution has multiple websites and shit. the example the you may have encountered is when you logged in to your university's web portal thing where you check your grades, and then you're also automatically logged in on whatever other university websites use that same name. hospitals and shit have them too
you: *types in password*
webpage: contacting shibboleth for login confirmation
shibboleth: *wheeze*
webpage: login failed
webpage: sign out confirmation tho???
by yoloswagturnupyoo May 24, 2019
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