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Shevon is a lovely name. You would be proud to have it. People with the name Shevon tend to be: friendly, lovely, amazing, humourous, fashionable, loves loves, loves music. Basically an all-round stunning person. At times she can seem to be a quiet girl, but she's a real party girl at heart. She's really outgoing when she gets ready, which can take about three hours, but no one minds waiting. Ok, maybe a little. But it's worth it.
shevon, LEGEN- (WAIT FOR IT)...............DARY
by jzxky May 15, 2011
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Shevon is a basic white chick. Average looks, average height with an average mind. She's a girly girl whose a softie at heart and her angelic voice will put you at ease. She doesn't trust many people. If you befriend her, she won't tell you her secrets right away, she'll give it to you in dribs and drabs, but you have to prove that your trustworthy. She loves extreme sports and dorky men because she can control them. She doesn't like her men too smart or rich because they lose their humbleness. Shevon is humble herself and she's always participating in charity events and doesn't like to see anyone struggling. People flock to her for help and she finds it difficult to say No, even when she's tired. Shevon lives a happy and healthy life, sometimes she's sad because she misses the people that have left this world and she feels like she's all alone without them. She used to do everything with them. She has no soul mate but a great bunch of friends who love her very much. Shevon is a great friend with no complications or expectations because both lead to relationship and friendship breakups.
Shevon can be your best friend.
by Matchstick striker December 29, 2017
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Someone who tries to be something they're not
Shevon thinks he's Satan but he's just a Walmart Lucifer
by Lazarus202 March 12, 2019
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