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1. Simply perfect in all aspects, smart: book, intra/interpersonal smarts very smart, social well cultured, pureheart-considerate, understanding, loving; outgoing; ambitious, open-minded, strong physically/minded/willed just simply strong, humble, full of life and spark, appreciative, unbelievably cute, beautiful, wonderful, perfect, well rounded, perfect body cuddly, huggable just simply perfect and loved by all; enough words for now those were just a few to name. 2.Not enough words to define-speechless-gift from heaven
by xxxASSASSINxxx July 16, 2010
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a person with an abnormally large penis and natural hormones that girls can't help swooning over
I had sex with a Dary last night, he was awesome
by Hamit December 29, 2010
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A real g can help you out in life and most important of all always try’s to be the best he smokes but it doesn’t take away from his good personality
Girl•daries is so nice

Dariesthanks baby
by Bigchode69 June 25, 2018
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