She is the sweetest person you will ever meet and she doesn't give a damn about what people say about her. She is usually the best at everything she does. Whatever she do she always end up on top. She is, was, and still the smartest person I know. She's a Loyal friend girlfriend or whatever you put her as. She is a badass and super funny. You can never be sad around her. She is super friendly too and she needs to be careful about that. And she should have a small friend group cause she tend to get hurt really fast. She shouldn't have to be sad for no reason.
Stranger: Hey can you help me (sherome) no problem

Classmate: teacher I need help (ask sherome)
by Biss biss girl July 29, 2023
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So first there was Jerome, ya then there was jerome (jerome-ê), ok then sherome, the shirome

: “Who wants to read?
: “Sherome does.”
: “Who the fuck is sherome?”
Sherome gives hope in hard times
by ~GS~ June 9, 2021
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The biggest spaztic you can be
"hey did you say that guy get that question really wrong"

"Yeah, he's sherom"
by Gamerboi555 October 31, 2019
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