one who loses his pants after a sip of beer. one who loves to think he can bag foreign chicks, but can't. one whos name is gian. one who in the end becomes the gay best friend.one who is the biggest loser!
the sherminator became a gay best friend once again today.
by Nick Rossi July 10, 2008
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In the video game Halo 3, when you unload 95% of your clip on an opponent, and another guy on your team comes and steals your kill.
1.) You son of a bitch, you shermed my kill. (Sherminator past tense)
2.) No i unloaded 95% of my clip into his ass and u had to jew your ass off and sherm him to get your kill.
3.) You shermin' son of a bitch.
4.) You shermed your dick off right there on that kill.
by Coach Elliott December 25, 2008
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