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1. something so unbelievably awesome that it can only be described by a nonsensical word.
2. something so downright sexy that reducing it to words by actually describing it would never be equivalent to its actual sexiness
"That's so totally sherb, bro."

"Did you see that guy we just passed?"
"Yeah, way sherb!"
by dallyrothgahr July 11, 2009
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To smoke the herb...marijuana. But the word should only be used to indicate that you plan on smoking when you are within hearing distance of an anti-smoker. The idea is to keep your pot smoking identity secret by using sneaky terms.
(you're talking on the phone with a friend and you're mom is in the kitchen nearby)
You: Hey wats up any plans for today?
Friend: Actually, I'm bored out of my skull...what could we do to kill some time?
You: Well, we could sherb.
Friend: there's an idea
by Modulus April 04, 2007
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1. immature lil ranga scene kid, with no friends & pot smoking parents, or some shit.

2. idiot

3. dumb slut who thinks shes ashley or some shit

4. death by fluro

5. really really unpopular ranga at my school
1. person 1: aww look at that poor lil ranga scene kid!
person 2: it looks like her parents smoke pot
person 3: must be sherbs

2. wtf are you? sherbs or somthing?

3. sherbs: im individual! so im going to copy everything you do person
"person": fuck off.

4. only sherbs would dress like that

5. stephanie herbert
by "bobbie" April 20, 2008
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