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A very dedicated group of people, who sat on the cobra's "shelf", staying up on stickam all night to watch cobra starship on the cobrahcam while they were making music. She kids participated in Taco Tuesday, and watched Ryland pwn at WOW. Shelf kids know how to hold ammusing conversations without putting up with spammers.
We the shelf kids have been sitting on this shelf for way too long ! We want to watch another jam session.
by Lindsey598 January 22, 2009
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Shelf kids was created on January 21st, 2009 around 1pm. It was created through a chat room/webcam site called stickam. Four out of five members of the band Cobra Starship went to a Cabin in PA to write songs for their next album. They decided to set up a webcam so fans could watch this process and ask them questions. It was 24/7 for four days. They had the webcam set up on top of a shelf overlooking the table (for most of the time). Somebody in the chatroom mentioned that we were like "flies on a wall" then somebody said "flies on a shelf". Then shelf kids was created. Usually referred to as Shelfies. They also crashed a Metro Station chat/webcam later on, they were the first ones to arrive in the chat and there were so many Shelf Kids that Metro Station had to shut their chat down.

Shelf Kids FANGS UP.
Shelf Kids FTW!!!!
by Liacoolaid January 22, 2009
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Shelf kids are the lovley people who chat and watch the cobra starship stickam. they are called shelf kids b/c the camera for stickam they watched from was set on a shelf.
You: were you on cobra starship's stickam today?

Me: yeah i was chatting with the other shelf kids.
by imlovintheremix January 22, 2009
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The dedicated fans of Cobra Starship, who sit on their "shelf" and watch the Cobras make music on the Cobrahcam for countless hours. The chat is very amusing, and no one likes spammers. Shelf kids take pride for their stalking abilities. Shelf kids also take part in Cobra activities like, Taco Tuesday, let's get Gabe drunk, and WoW.

Also. Shelf kids do it better!

Gabe-Do you want to go back to your shelf?!
by Shelfkid January 21, 2009
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sleep depriving, cobrah stalking kids who are stuck on a shelf that get little attention and are hated on by everyone.

we've been sitting there since january 19, 2009.
yo those shelf kids are so badass.

because i'm a shelf kid, and i can do that.

wtf is shelf kids are fraternity?!
by gabby v January 21, 2009
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