A neighborhood in south Brooklyn that was used to be known for great restarants. Now it is known for over priced condos and Russians.
Me: Lets go to dinner in Sheepshead Bay
BF: Ok, where?
Me: . . .
by The Urbanette October 22, 2008
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Sheepshead Bay “School of Gang Bangers and Bums” School where girls sucking dicks in the stairwell , where u get played the next day . School where everybody shares a man . School where niggas go on the free free line for some damn ices .
Maria- You go to sheepshead bay
Jayden- Aii imma head out
by TheBayIsBigK October 9, 2019
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1) A bay some New Yorkers fish in.
2) The Brooklyn neighborhood of the same name.
Caught some snakeheaded Chinese reptilian fish in Sheepshead Bay, its what's for dinner!
by Solid Mantis March 27, 2018
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