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Two duplicates with peculiar shaped coconut heads. Usually revert to large groups and make little to no contact with each other unless alone.
Ross and Gary Sheems
by RobertoCalzo January 17, 2012
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A some what vintage term used widely amongst the older men to rate woman. If a man and his buddies saw an attractive woman walk by they'd rate her from 1-40. 40 being a sheem - or thirty-eight-two. Therefore a sheem is a fine woman, top-notch, dime-piece... the dream woman, especially in the physical sense.
Daniel: Did you see Shelia? Damn!
Tom: Hells yea, shes fourty fasho - she's a sheem.
by Frosted Flakes July 23, 2006
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A turd that has been flattened slightly by the pressure of a toddler's booty on his or her undies or diaper. Essentially, a sheem is a poop that has been executed covertly and then squished. Usually there is some reluctance on the part of the sheemer to acknowledge that he's carrying a load, probably because he's in the midst of potty training and doesn't want to get with the program.
Today (says my three-year-old son about another kid at daycare), Brady had a sheem in his pants and it was in his diaper because he doesn't go on the potty!
by Gussysmom August 16, 2006
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Sheems is legit. Sheems is someone you want to be friends with because she will always have your back. She is smart in school and has high goals for herself, she wont be let donw in life. She makes you feel better no matter what and i love her.
Sheems is my sister <3
by ning&ging April 20, 2010
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The same thing as gettin molded except you gotta know how to use it. Or you could like Meesh yo little cookiez, Meesh is Sheem backwards.Itz a BAY AREA thang
Like if a bitch gettin hyphy and be like im a whip dat bitch ass and end up gettin her ass beat every body be like Meesh!!
by Dont trip March 04, 2005
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