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Sheebz is a very usefull addition to your vocabulary. It can help you out of many difficult situations by showing extreme confidence in the face of the highest adversity. Short for "she'll be right mate".
-Sheebz- it's a way of life
Q. 'Do you think that will work?'
A. 'Sheebz'

Q. 'I think it's broken'
A. 'Spray some sheebz on it!'
by Sheebz Automotive March 07, 2004
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"If Sheebz could be measured in a glass, the glass would have no measurements on the side..."
eg. can of sheebz
by Sheebz Automotive March 29, 2004
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Now if we are really going to try to quantify sheebz we must go back to first principles. Whenever sheebz is first applied to a problem it starts in small quantities, and once the first sheebz is applied then it is applied in increasing doses.

This can best be expressed as a polynomial. Keep in mind that the rate of work typically decreases (another variable) due to the "ye olde shit-tins" of thinking beers being utilised.

Once adequate amounts of sheebz have been applied to the problem in question typically there is a flat section where sheebz is constant (normal operation - the amount of neon installed can mess with this part of the equation - be careful). This is always followed by some description of catastrophic failure where all sheebz leaves the building, or car, or what is left of the car.

This is an impulse function which makes sheebz impossible to quantify, however a 15th order polynomial is a fairly good approximation.

According to Pete's theory this excess of sheebz must be taken up somewhere else.

I like to think that it is all hiding in Glen's garage.
by Guru March 17, 2004
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To sheebz - the act of building, upgrading or improving an object (usually a car) with excessive amounts of gaffa tape and zip ties.
A practical application of Sheebz for the upgrade of a car exhaust.

Simple sheebzology tells us that more noise = more power.
Therefore, more noise + (milo tin x wank value)over Y (where Y is equal to
exhaust diameter = ye olde shit tins more power.
by Guru March 14, 2004
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