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large, ferocious woman, who is often white-trash, known to prey on and rape men half her size. The She-Bear "Ursus donec arctos" is often found in large herds roaming the local Wal-mart, with her kids all from different fathers, trailing behind.

She-Bears can weigh as much as 500 pounds, and will attract men often weighing 130 pounds wearing wife-beaters. The She-Bear can be a socially isolated animal, but they are often found in large herds at shitty bars and other watering holes. They are often very aggressive, especially during mating season, and can be observed attacking everything in site while their mate just watches.
Some men seem to have a fetish for She-Bears, especially while intoxicated, and tend to have an open "She-Bear Season", which is set aside as a specific time to hook-up with as many She-Bears as possible
I was at Wal-mart today and saw a herd of She-Bears in every aisle.

Dude, check out the size of that She-Bear.

I slayed me a She-Bear last night and she tried to eat my dick

I still have 12 tags to fill my limit on She-Bears this season
by CfoxBewaresTheShe-Bear December 09, 2011
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someone who is the group fuck. not liked by any, they are usually found alone.
by iamhaxor7 January 26, 2010
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A large woman who will very aggressively hook up with/rape men in social situations.
Tony offered the she-bear some pizza rolls at the bar and she ended up jerking him off in the car.
by Daddy-MPLS June 17, 2011
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A incredibly large woman who sports an incredibly hairy body.
Dude look at the shebear walking into Wal-Mart.
Oh ew nasty!!!
by shebear April 10, 2011
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