To show incredible promise, get paid, fuck women and duck child support, then retire fat but not forgotten for your at once impressive skill, with a sinister smile on your face, reminiscing about how you decieved, conquered, and retired rich, thus upholding the "American Dream."
I'm gonna go to this job that I hate, then I'm gonna be on some Shawn Kemping shit in 5 years!
by C.J. December 8, 2004
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(1)A basketball player who begins his career as a promising player, but deteriorates into a pathetic fat slob.

(2) Crackhead who has twenty children with twenty different women.
Shawn Kemp used to be good until he left the Sonics. Now he's a fat crackhead.
by SooN July 1, 2003
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A fat crack head who dreams of becoming an allstar again, however he never will be.
The fat crack head who said that he'd be an all star again if he gets enough minutes. Actually, this is wrong because he averaged like 6 points per game in a 20 minute per game average. He can't dunk any more anyway.
by Kemp August 12, 2003
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a very confising situation. Named so because Mr. Kemp has six children with four different women, and so the occurence of father's day will likely feature puzzlement on Mr. Kemp's part as he tries to match the children with their mothers, not to mention the catfight bound to break out when four ghetto ladies gather to discuss the children fathered by the same man.
-How was the math exam?
-Fuck, I dont think I got a question right. It was as confusing as father's day at shawn kemp's house...
by maks July 23, 2004
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1) A person being of Transylvanian or general Romanian persuasion who is aggressive in the courting of, or mating with, any and all woman. The results of which can be multiple unplanned or unwanted off-spring and more than several Baby Mama. Other results include but are not limited to; financial draining and/or possible involvement in a domestic fracas which may end in incarceration. It is suggested to avoid leaving a SKOT alone with wives, girlfriends, any female of child bearing age, and pets with suitable genitalia.

2) Other aliases: Igor, Gabor
My sister called yesterday and said that Shawn-Kemp-Of-Transylvania got hit with another paternity suit.
by Marky the wordsmythe August 6, 2020
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