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An Ohio railroad town located several miles north of the city of Cincinnati. Commonly refered to as The Ville by locals; where rednecks, hillbies, whitetrash, your occasional thugs, and middleclass citizens either pretend to be wealthy or live as they truly are POOR. Drug deals are nothing new, but they mostly take place in living rooms instead of street corners. Recreational sports are taken way too serious and at night townies can be found at one of the many hole in the wall bars located on the loop. The Loop: the name the city's elected officals gave to the two one way streets downtown to make it sound exciting. And even though everyone pretends to be wealthy they send their precious children to the public school where fights are a regular occasion and its being over whelmed by blacks. The school is always on the news but never for anything good. And nothing is open past 10:00 pm except for Waffle House and White Castles. So if you happen to drive by this little railroad town, remember to lock your doors and keep heading north on I-75, Union Centre (the real wealthy area) is the next exit up. If you stop, you may get stuck here, just ask Patches the local hobo.
You can take a kid out the ville but you'll never take the ville out the kid; Villian for Life
by True Villian May 08, 2005
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Sorry ima have to correct "true villian," on that one. Sharonvile is not totally bad. It doesn't even look bad, unless u have lived in it or u kno where the bad parts are. We actually have some of good neighborhoods, like waterford and Indian springs. And no most of the townies don't go to bar's on the loop. They used to until peg's pub opened up down the street on route 42. And no one is for real poor, unless u live in downtown sharonville or high point. And i like goin to school with black people. If we didn't then everyone would be a lil more of a softie, and we would have alot more of those really rich fucks tryin to be bad ass and dont kno what bein hard is except from movies. For example, moeller has alot of those. And yes, drug deals do go down on the streets.... just a little smarter, we make it look like we are being picked up and the get dropped off to the next lick, instead of being in the same location. And it's strictly bud, except if u live in high point or downtown sharonville. And patche's real name in Tom Jones, and he is a nice guy if u ever get to kno him he just smells funny.
Hella partying and 1 in 4 four chances that there is some kind of social gathering goin down on par four.
by Mike Rob June 27, 2005
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Like any small suburban town on the outskirts of Cincinnati, Sharonville has its own flavor that adds to the area. Ameristop has flourishing buisness as it is the main hang out for teens/pedifiles/gypsies/small gangs/skaters and bikers and your occasional truck driver. Once a trusting network of candy and beer, the ameristop has rearranged the isles and added a high tech walk in beer cooler in an attempt to cut down on robberies. Rumor has it that they have also had to install bullet proof windows to try to prevent cars from crashing into them. The most famous landmark in all of sharonville is indeed the "ghetto bench" which used to be off white and green but is now painted a horrendous red white and blue. From the ghetto bench it is possible to view the many gangs that pass through this small town. Also, to the left, there is the only fencing center in the greater cincinnati area. Well, there might one other but im sure it doesn't compare. If extreme boredom takes over, one might be compelled to view and older movie at the act one (aka the rat hole). It may seem that sharonville is truely the ghetto but, alas, there is only one ally that is not wide enough to add into the impossible driving test. Yes, its true, there is a decreasing number of legal drivers in the area, but the smart kids travel to places like mt healthy and pretty much anywhere else. To try to keep kids off the street, the city has built a sweet pool that is home to an even sweeter swim team. Yes its sweet.
Kid 1: Ya wanna skate to A-stop with me.
Kid 2: My dad says the gypsies will get me if I go down there. I'm too afraid.
Kid 1: Sucks for you.
(Kid 1 was never seen again)
by sweetness at life June 22, 2005
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True Villian may have other problems besides sharonville. It's totally safe, kindof attractive, and has all classes of people.

And noone calls sharonville, the ville. (please)

The worst thing about sharonville is the 1.5% income tax. But, only if you live here.
I graduated from the big evil sharonville school that ding-dong mentioned, and maybe he's reading old newspapers from the 60s. Activities are just normal high school stuff.
by 30 year Citizen August 17, 2006
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