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Typically, a firme ass hyna, not very tall, big beautiful eyes, funny as eff, everyone loves her, life of the party, she is not afraid to bitch slap you, really good at booty clapping, the best friend you'll ever have.
GUY: Who is that girl getting her freak on?
OTHER GUY: Oh, that's Sharnae, she rules.
by LaTiNaMaMa February 02, 2012
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Sharnae's are normally very pretty, big beautiful brown eyes, are great listeners and even better talkers, they'll always stand by you in everything, they make great friends and are great in relationships. there not afraid to punch your head in or stand up for shit they believe in! Never lie to a Sharnae because you'll lose their trust forever
Guy " who's that chick over there fighting"

Girls "that's Sharnae, someone wAs talking shit about a friend"
by Heuyyyyuu March 04, 2015
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