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a derogatory term describing oral sex with a female dog
person 1: Wow! that dog is so sharifiable
person 2:Mmmm... Fit!
by HurricaneKatrina November 24, 2009
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A man/woman/child that appears homeless in nature. Although they look it, they are not actually homeless. Sharifis tend to have long scraggly beards, ripped clothing, and are quite wide in waist girth. This could be due to the poor lifestyle choices of the sharifi. When a normal person encounters a sharifi, they should immediately pull out a camera and take a picture. Images that have the sharifi posing in weird positions will be valued much higher. Yelling out "Sharif" will exhibit a response that will lure the sharifi away from it's nest, allowing for a good picture opportunity. Many Sharifis resort to violence when feeling threatened and physical bodily harm can be a consequence. One must be very careful when confronting such creatures.

As research has progressed, several classes of sharifi have been identified.

1. Homeless Sharifi

There exists the typical "Homeless" Sharifi, which includes those that appear homeless. Many can be found on the street corners of Toronto and in the downtown parts of Hamiltion. Many frequently appear in McDonalds, as this is a food source for these fowl creatures.

2. Class 2 Sharifi

Class 2 Sharifis have never had their photo taken as they are elusive in nature. They will paint their hair blue and wear little locks around their neck. They tend to appear in areas where they don't belong such as Martial Arts Dojos. These Sharifis are known for moving around in small groups consisting of 1 girly male, 1 ugly female and 1 extra party.
Sharifi Pelts look great in the living room or in your family photo album.
by The Sharifi Hunter August 04, 2011
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