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shantelle is a fucking badass chick, Who is shy, very much a tomboy, and the guys see her as one of the boys, just a pretty cool chick.
she seems pretty badass
thats cause shes a shantelle
by mofoe147 October 27, 2015
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A woman who absolutely takes your breath away. She is able to brighten up the room the second she walks in. People adore her the second they meet her due to her astonishing personality, talent, and humor. She might often deny how cute she is, but people know it is true. She causes your walls to crumble, makes you feel like you are on top of the world, and accepts you as you are. She is constantly there to motivate you when you need to get back on track and reach your goals. Her voice automatically can put a smile on your face even in the darkest times. She is strong when the toughest times creep up on her, and keeps her head up high. She is miraculous in every way, and touches multiple people's lives.
"Daymnnn, she's foinnee."
"No, she's Shantelle. ;)"
by ixp August 28, 2009
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One cool ass chick who does not take any shit from anybody. She is aware her name is french and all that implies!
Shantelle is a strong independent woman with the name All girls wish their mother had names them. all the guys think she's hot!
by French Cutie March 22, 2009
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a shantelle is a stupid slut who only cares bout heredelf..
-i'd like to skroo her
-nah man shes a shantelle, half a town alredy skrood her
by popping May 30, 2006
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An extreemly huge mega dyke, can be sold cheaply, has smokes and coffee for breakfast. Eats own excrement
Man that bitch is one huge shantelle!,
by shantelle butreeks July 30, 2008
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