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Community or block mother kids in the area look up to or go to when there mother or parents are not around. An informal babysitter. Generally resides at the house most popular to the neighborhood. Often found to be giving advise and words of encouragement to the children on the block.
My parents will be home late from work. I'll go to mama dukes for dinner.

Mama duke said I should stay away from the trouble makers down the street.
by jimjamsunman August 23, 2011
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mama dukes is southern mother

a southern boy will call their mom mama dukes.
Johnny- Mama dukes will be back, she went to the corner store to get some Milk for Pa'
by SouthernBoy311 January 21, 2008
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The name you call the women who gave birth to your spouse, Because the term "mother-in-law" isn't just a mouthful but is associated with a women who is over bearing & feels no other person is good enough for her child, where as a Mama Dukes is just the opposite! She is to her daughter/son in law what Mother Theresa is to a three legged dog. She is a saint & will literally stop everything to make sure they have everything they need to get through the day, week, year, even life! She is a loyal friend who thinks she's narcissistic in that she only dose what she dose to make herself look good & to be everything to everyone, but is really just being what every good mother should be! She's the cool mom who lives to wine & dine everyone & will never turn down & or never not

puff puff pass a good toke! She treats people how she wants to be treated & better, As well as being over attentive to her grandchildren! Lol! She's beautiful inside and out & will make you orzo soup when you are sick, & even when your not (but say you are lol). She supports your questionable decisions in your life (i.e. if you want to wear Faerie wings where ever you go and or go and have liposuction) if you are paying your own bills and live under your own roof (especially if she lives with you lol) & will be your biggest cheerleader to encourage you along the way!

She is a roll model as well as a mentor as well as so many other things there are aren't enough words to describe as she will never let you down.
My Mama Dukes is the best in the world!
by TrashPanda420311 August 14, 2018
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An underage teens mom who lets his or her friends get drunk and do drugs in her house, sometimes engaging in drinking and drugging with the kids. The "cool" mom. Not to be confused with a MILF, although sometimes can be.
Jane: Mary, this is my mom.
Mary: Hey mamadukes, where's the booze.
Mamadukes: In the basement with the crack and PCP..Just don't tell your parents.
Mary and Jane: XD
by SomeKindOfWhore August 14, 2007
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