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The best kind of person. The girl you'll never forget, even if you try. Her kiss will knock you off your feet and her glance will make your heart stop. She's one of a kind and everyone knows it when they meet her. She's talented at many things.... many many things!!! Trust that she will blow your mind. You will never meet someone as chill, loving, understanding, talented, really just amazing! She will be your glue and hold you together. She doesn't stand for bullshit or drama... gossip is beneath her. Don't fuck with her!! She's strong headed and willed!!!! She will brake you!!!! But really if you ever find her.... never let her go!!! You will never find anyone better or even close to her!! I promise you this!!
That girl is a Shantell for sure!!! Everyone wants her and no one can have her.
by younameissomuchmorethanyouknow February 03, 2010
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a girl who has a very unique name that sounds like half african half french depending on how u say it; unique girl just like her name
That girl Shantell has good taste, well duh.
by Msbizzzy February 23, 2010
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