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Shamel is a girl who is the most caring person of all people and wants others to be happy she may not get the best treatment from girls but she still keeps her/he head up and continues to smile because she is the most wonderful friend anyone could possibly find . Shamels should get the best opportunity’s because the go through the deepest stuff in life that no one understands
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by priscilla50 November 01, 2019
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Shamel is a name for a girl who is very creative, smart, kind, loyal, and caring eith in a close relationship. Shamel will always be there to comfort you. Shamel's can or may possess traits of brown eyes, brown or redish hair, and curves. She will usually only access you as a friend if you are loyal. An introvert when you first meet her, but a total extrovert when she gets comfortable. She os great at sports and loves music Shamel's tend to be great listeners and are great at keeping secrets. They are also good at hiding how they really feel. She tends to be open like a book when truely you know nothing about her
"Shamel is the greatest friend possible! Why wouldn't I want to talk to her?
Hey is Shamel everyone she's so cool
by Unknown❤101 September 29, 2019
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Shamel is usually a very cute guy, with a great smile. Most hilarious person you will ever meet. Sweet, kind, of course funny, and cute, although he might admit to none of those things. Unbelievably caring and willing to stand up for what he believes in, stick up for friends/girlfriend, and not afraid to just have fun no matter what anyone thinks. He is quite open and would stick with you in any problems in life so get a hold of him if you have shamel. He is a young handsome boy and gets bitches than an average boy!!!!Has a lot of friends, but loses temper easily when it comes to certain things. Mess with the people close to him? Watch out. Very protective and loving
Guys there is a guy in my school named Shamel and he is an absolute chickmagnet!!
by OfficialHOTTIE November 01, 2019
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1. A herd of crossbreeds...a mixture of sheep and camels.

2. An idiot's version of living a life in shambles.
1. "My cousin breeds shamels for a living. He is making a killing!"

2. "Everything is going to shamles on me! FML!"
by fr33kay June 18, 2010
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