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a white man who is no longer in his prime looking for sex in Thailand because he can't score back home. Similar to a falang (Thai word for foreigner) however the shalang is a creature constantly concerned with his shlong and how much money he has left in his fanny pack. They have been known to congregate in large city centres around Thailand such as Pattaya and Udon Thani, often seen in brothel alleys and shopping malls. If seen do not approach, you are merely a reminder of their loser lives and they may be hostile; especially if they have married a Thai bride and are attempting to integrate. The shalang motto is: "Good guys go to Heaven, bad men go to Pattaya", this is often displayed on T-shirts and coffee mugs.
Look at the beer gut on that shalang, his fanny pack barely fits him.
by Teacher Lanny December 07, 2013
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