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People with the name Shakeera are genuinely beautiful. They tend to help their closest friends when needed. They have a kind heart, and a great way with words. If your lucky enough to find a Shakeera, never let them go.
She's definitely a Shakeera, with her uniqueness of a unicorn, and the goofy side of a weirdo.
by Fairies December 19, 2016
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A name given to girls who are freaky and won't admit it. A Shakeera is usually a Scorpio, so it's natural for her to be nasty. She laughs like a dolphin and runs like a gazelle. She thinks she's hilarious, but she sucks eggs.
"You know that Shakeera girl?"

"Yeah, she likes projects on her face!"
by shaksucks November 07, 2017
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