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A cool ass, easy going guy. Usually named "Shaine"
Where is Shaine??
Shaine is the best!
All the ladies love shaine!
by Snipydoo August 25, 2008
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a kid from oak creek who is the sexiest awsomist guy on the planet whom penis is huge and all girls want him he gives woman 10 orgasims at one time he is tall and muscular and all woman want him
Did u see shaine today, he gave her like 10 orgasims!!!!!

I wanna be shaine hes so awsome.
by koonkiller123 January 19, 2011
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A cute boy who's kinda (really) gay a lot of the time. Hes into jojos bizzare adventure and danganronpa. Will snort anything you put near him. A nerd
Person1:Whys that guy snorting an orange peel?
Person2:Must be a Shaine
by Garglisnurf October 04, 2017
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