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In the Indian culture, it means Queen. Shes beautiful, drop dead gorgeous, gets all the guys and yet is very loyal to the one she truly loves. Shes artistic, creative, can sing very well and can dance excellent as well. Shows pride in what she owns and is never shy to take on a dare. You can always trust her, even if she talks a lot sometimes. She expects only the best in her love interest. He must be special to her. She gets along with guy friends more since girls are always jealous of her beauty and personality. Shes sexy and knows how to turn guys on quick. Her personality is flawless, caring, and she's always there for you when you need her.
WOW did you see Shahana?? She's amazing.
by Prince Charming the 3rd March 09, 2013
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Means queen in the Indian culture and history. A female named Shahana is usually very beautiful. An ancient myth states that if a female is chosen the name Shahana by her parents, that she will have good fortune, beauty and she will turn out to be very intelligent, therefore possessing the personality of a leader and ruler.
WOW! She sure is a shahana!
by Historian Dr. Peter November 08, 2013
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In Indian culture, Shahana means "queen of the home" performing tasks to indefinitely please her husband in every which way possible, by cooking, cleaning, making lots of babies and performing all the tasks of running a household.
I want to marry a Shahana, because she will be my dream come true
by Sha' naynay February 04, 2010
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