Its just a Jaguar that is shagadelic.
This word finds his use in the Austin Powers Movies.
Would you like to take a ride with me in my brand new SHAG-SHAG-SHAGUUUAAAR.
by NiLeiN January 8, 2005
A woman in her mid-50s, who still thinks she's a cougar and refuses to admit she's getting older. Tends to wear gold sandals and leopard-print tops, tacky costume jewellery and glittery eye shadow. Hair is normally quite large and platinum coloured. May or may not be recently divorced but is always on the hunt for younger prey.
"Hey - check out the shaguar in the leopard-print top over there. One more drink and I think she's going to pounce on the poor bartender. He's gotta be 20 years younger ... yikes!"
by mirandadunsterville July 28, 2009