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Derived from the word Safina, meaning noah's arc. Originated out of Africa and/or the Middle East. Shafina's like to carry the weight of the world and want to volunteer and help people as their life's goal.

Shafina's are drop dead sexy and hot with more spice than most can handle. Always desired but rarely approachable. Honest, respectful, sweet, and loves anything to do with babies. Has low tolerance for alcohol and gets drunk really easy.
Person one: Dude, who is that!?
Person two: Ohh that's Shafina
Person one: I wanna talk to her
Person two: Get in the back of the line

Person: I'd like to join the Shafina fan club!

Person one: The babies cheeks are all RED!!
Person two: Your sister pulled a Shafina!

Person one: Ah ah AH HOT, too hot.
Shafina: You need a glass of water when you go down on me
by WhiteCricket December 15, 2010
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