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This girl is one of a kind. You will find only one girl with this name because it is a very unusual name... just like the girl is very unusual. By unusual, we mean unique. She will be quite stunning in looks, her face is gorgeous, Her Locks of hair will be an extremely unique color that everyone will stop and stare, her body will be amazingly HOT, skinny yet athletic, boobs will be perfect with a booty that is rock solid, so solid you could set a drink on it, like a shelf. Her personality is by far her best quality, intelligent, kind, yet funny, she is always laughing. Her laugh is by far the most contagious laugh you will hear. If you manage to be lucky enough to have this girl in your life... hold on! Matter of fact, get that ring now! You will only come across her once in a life time and she should be cherished, because nobody will ever compare after her.
SHAEDYN, A Romantic at heart, One of a Kind, HOT, beautiful, perfect. Well rounded, tries everything once. So much fun to be with because you are always laughing.
by The girl who got away January 20, 2011
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