Shadin means impressive generosity. This trait is most valuable to her as a sign of the strength of her personality and that a lot of her can honor the people. Since she has the generosity and laminate, she sees hope in the world.
This makes her a great person.
Damn, she so generous, I think she's a Shadin.
by Smolbean_sf January 7, 2017
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A brilliant woman who brightens the world around her and has an exceptional sense of humor.
Shadin is da bomb.
by Marjoram April 14, 2019
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A shadine is someone smart, someone complex, who doesn't care what other people think and chooses to walk their own path. intelligent and good looking, a dangerous combination, Shadine is definitely someone who you should probably be friends with.
Who's that cute guy?
You don't know? that's shadine
by Jessica Leah Rodriguez July 12, 2017
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When a possibly attractive girl covers up her true looks by wearing large sunglasses, therefore leaving males unable to tell if she is truly attractive.
guy 1 -"That girl looks hot"
guy 2 - "she might be, but its hard to tell cause she has dem big ass sunglasses on"
guy 1 - "she just took them off, and she is definitely not hot"
guy 2 - "damn she was shadin' super hard"
by raaaaaaaaaaaaandy August 1, 2010
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