when the act of preforming intercourse on carpet and the friction creates static electricity and zaps you.
by GageyTehNinjah February 15, 2011
Pronounced like "execute", only with an "s".

The quality of wearing an outfit that is simultaneously sexy and cute, but never simply one or the other. Used to describe many Japanese-influenced fashion styles, such as certain lolita-inspired outfits, as well as schoolgirl outfits of both the Japanese and "Catholic" varieties, and many others. Generally used to refer to something that is simultaneously adorable and erotic to any degree.

Sexicute can be used as a verb (especially with the past participle -ed: sexicuted) or as an adjective, describing the act of making a thing both sexy and cute, or to describe the general quality of a thing.
Verb : Abby totally sexicuted the shit out of that outfit.

Adjective: Abby's outfit was totally sexicute last night.
by An Atheist Jew September 15, 2015