A term most used in video games, such as Gears of War. The term is most frequently used when someone records a "montage."
Gamer : "Dude! That quad was amazing!"
Other Gamer : "He was most likely Setting Up because they were standing still."
by hobbesfx July 11, 2010

to place someone in an awkward or unpleasant situation by guile or deceit; to play emotional games with someone prior to letting them down.
*sighs* "I have been waiting here on this park bench for two hours, and she hasn't turned up. I guess I've been set up."
by benbisley March 8, 2010
To kill somebody or to arrange the murder of somebody.
Do you know who set up Vancouver Kingpin Sandip Duhre? Ya Robby Alkhalil did it, he got convicted for it.
by AntiGang October 24, 2014
A person, place, or thing thats sole purpose is to start or create drama or misfortune towards certain individuals
Guy: "why haven't you text me or called me Im tryna get something going"
Girl: "No I know you gotta a girlfriend so me texting you would be a Set Up"
by AlleyWo July 10, 2009
a term used to define where a person lives
"hey baby girl, where's you set up?"
by Lil MAC March 23, 2004
Man, that's just the plan that you made, you know... it's like, huh... that´s it! a Plan.
Don´t mess with my set-up nigga!!
by God's Souljah July 15, 2003
to square up or raise your fist to fight
dat nigga was poppin off so i set up and told him lets bang
by Spice2U May 30, 2007