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Setor is a Ghanaian name of the Ewe tribe. The Ewes are located in the southeast corner of Ghana, east of the Volta River. The name "Setor" is given very rarely which shows how extraordinary people are who are named "Setor". It is remarkably, that both males and females can be named "Setor". Essentially, the meaning of "Setor" remained untold for centuries but recent historical research got to the bottom of the meaning. Ancestors delievered the secret meaning "The Listener". Setors are usually communicative, good listeners and make friends easily for the simple reason that you can't get not attached to this sincere character and genuine temper. Last but not least, "Setors" like to use the expression "yeah right" ironically whenever the topic comes to their own personality; most likely because they are humble and feel overhyped easily. Have a go and you'll see yourself ;-)
A: "Wohaaaaa that setor guy is soo cool, i want too be his friend."
B: "He is the most poplular guy I've ever seen. I wish I could be like Setor."
C: "He's got some enviers though, but he doesn't care. Setor is genuine just the way he is. Sooo admirable!"
by Sabali September 07, 2011
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