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A Sete is a 50/50 Mestizo who believes in Aztec nationalism not only for Mexico but for the American Southwest. Although half European himself, for Mexico, he envisions breeding programs where polygamy is legalized for the purely Indigenous until their numbers greatly increase till they make up half of Mexico's population. Then a law will be passed where marriages are arranged so that every Mestizo or White woman in Mexico will be married to an Indigenous man and the progeny of those children will only marry the Indigenous. What will happen to the mestizo men and others who are left out? They will be shamed into believing they should not reproduce as they are of considerable European blood and Mexico will be reconquered through the Azteca sex plan. Give this plan maybe generations and you'll make Mexico Aztec again. After Mexico is ethnically cleansed by sex, the Sete will look to the U.S. Its culture will be proliferated through its porous borders and no legislation will change the lax border law because Mexicans of all colors in the US tend to vote democrat. The same will happen in the southwest of the United States and if anyone's got a problem with this they will be militarily outnumbered because more modernized cultures tend not to breed as much, thus not making more soldiers plus they are subject to shame.
The Sete is very common in the US Southwest and Mexico.

Setes will dominate the US the same way Arabs dominate France and if anyone's got a problem with it, they will be dealt with the same way millions of poorly equipped Soviet conscripts defeated the technologically advanced Reich.
by Jehovah's Worst Nightmare November 08, 2018
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Half of the students who are studying to become broadcast journalists. This particular set has a tendency towards boisterous interruptions, overall hilarity and having a superiority complex.
You can hear set e from a mile away.
by Set e October 20, 2006
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