Someone who is a top in bed but likes to service the other person (mostly only doing things for the other persons pleasure ) rather then dominating them
“So I got laid the other night
“Nice, where they any good?”
“Yeah they were a total service top, they took really good care of me and made sure I liked every second of it”
by Acousticclarinet July 30, 2018
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a top who cares about doing everything right so their bottom enjoy sex to the fullest; their bottom's desires are above everything else and it's their pleasure to satisfy their partner
X: Tartaglia from genshin impact would be a total service top
Y: you're right! he would make sure his bottom partner is enjoying every single second with him!
by ttlstan October 11, 2023
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Someone who is a top but doesn't dominate, they let their bottom guide them.

It's me. I am the service top in question. I'm hot and sexy, hmu!
Bottom: Fuck me in the ass!!!!!

Service Top (Me): Damn shawty, I'll do annnnnything for your fine ass! ;)
by jokusan February 8, 2022
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Gay sex term. A top (the guy doing the fucking) who is the submissive one instead of the bottom being the submissive one. Usually bottoms are submissive but, not in this case.

Service Top: Yes, yes...
by J.D.KY October 8, 2009
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A bottom that is in a top position. Constantly asking if they are doing good. Taking orders from a Dom but being on top. A sub that seems in control but can be flipped at any time.
Sub Male: Am I doing good? I wanna be a good boy! Tell me I'm a good boy please!

Dom: Yes, you're doing amazing. You're my good boy.

Person 1: What's a service top?
Person 2: You know John? He had sex with Becky last thursday. Said he was being dominated even though he was on top.
by DontAskAgainNow August 13, 2019
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