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Sergio Ramos (a.k.a. La Copa del Rey killer) is a defender who plays for Real Madrid and also on La Furia Roja.

He has a romantic relationship with Fernando Torres.

On April 20, Real Madrid won La Copa del Rey, they haven't won that cup in 18 years.

In the celebration they gave the La Copa to Sergio Ramos, and he threw it from the top of the bus. The bus ran over the Cup, and it died.

He tweeted about it, and he said "I didn't do anything, the cup jumped by itself".

Person2: who?

Person1: the guy who threw it La Copa del Rey!

Person2: LMAO
by theoneblackredyellowring April 23, 2011
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When in a place where it is so full you can hardly move it is said to be Sergio Ramos. Or it can be shortened to Sergio or Ramos.
Dude, you go to The Club last night?

Yea man, it was Sergio Ramos.

It was utterly Sergio

Never seen anywhere as Ramos than that.
by SirNat April 07, 2011
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