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The act of defecating on your best friends shoes while he is giving you a blow job.

History of The Sergio:

The Sergio originated in Santa Ana, Ca around 2006 A.D. Every year Sergio would buy very expensive presents for all of his friends on their birthdays. One year Sergio decided to buy his best friends Sirius satellite radio. During this time period Sergio was going through a few financial difficulties. However, this did not stop him from getting his best friend the ultimate gift of Sirius satellite radio. (Side note: Sergio loves shoes, especially Nike Jordans) When Sergio's best friend received his gift he was so excited that he immediately dropped Sergio's pants and gave him a hummer. Right as Sergio was climaxing he noticed his best friend's shoes were right underneath him. So as he orgasmed he dropped a duece right on his friends brand Jordans. The rest is history and today we know this act as THE SERGIO.
-Hey what did you do last night?

-Well, it was my best friend's birthday and I got him something nice. So after the party I gave him The Sergio.
by The Mudslider June 09, 2006
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