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Party sorority girl who loves Dawson's Creek, hop-scoth, dancing on bars, and boozing with friends. Often unable to differentiate between buildings. Is a solid Battleship player and takes losses in stride. Overall a really neat person!!
Do you know Sereen?

Yeah, isn't she awesome!!!
by cheeto1983 March 19, 2010
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Sereen is a kind and creative girl, she can be totally sassy at times but she is usually right. She is often the first one to start a fight and the first one to finish it. She is awesome at defending herself and needs no one to protect her. Her name origins from the word Serenity which means to be calm and peaceful, she is not like that! She is much more mature than you think and has a good idea of what’s going on. She often finds herself trying to impress others or be like them when she should just be herself! She is strong and can prove anyone wrong just like that!
Omg Sereen is so awesome and creative!

Wow Sereen is so strong!
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A very beautiful girl who is VERY flexible and her favorite dessert is coconut flavored macaroons🥥
“Look at that girl over there, she is eating coconut macaroons and seems to love them. She must be a Sereens!!”
by Sereens May 18, 2018
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