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A creature of Annanisatayim . Normally Seraps are very shy creatures, and at times very weird. Some Seraps like to be very generic while others strive to be different. One must approach a Serap with caution as they can pounce at any time, sprinkling their home made coleslaw (which they see as a defence mechanism) on to ones scalp. The word Serap also means weird.
Tourist of ananisatayim - "She is sprinkling coleslaw on everyone"

Native of ananisatayim "yes, I see, she is acting very Serap today"
by Serd July 03, 2012
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A wise girl who has spent most of her life taking risks which have lead to massive successes. Serap knows that she is far from being perfect, but what makes her different is the fact that she understands that she has flaws, that she will make mistakes and at times fails because her over blown self-confidence fails to contribute in areas where it's required. An educated girl who doesn't rely on her education to get her through life. As a matter of fact, she has worked with people with the highest education and they all have failed to meet the criteria of 'an ideal intelligent person'. Many were clueless in having basic survival skills and many were socially awkward. Serap is street smart more than book smart. She has the experience and knowledge necessary to manipulate her way through difficulties. She may across as shrewd, too honest and not friendly but if she trusts you, you'll see a different side to her, a soft, caring, understanding and loving girl. Serap can pull herself out of any situation somehow. She safeguards her interests and doesn't allow anything or anyone come in her way. She has worked extremely hard to get to where she is today and all her clean earnings still have sweat stains as a result of her sacrifices. Many women may not like her because she doesn't like to gossip, she minds her own business and lives her life the way she wants to live it. She's a leader and a fighter who was raised to kneel to no one but God.
Serap is not blunt or rude, she's just honest and direct. She won't talk behind your back but if you can handle her honest criticism, she'll be more than happy to say it had on. Serap is a spiritual girl who is loved by everyone she knows. If you think she's out to cause you pain, spare yourself the flattery. She's too busy making her dreams come true. She believes in expanding a social circle and 'friend poaching' is an unacceptable act and reflected through their insecurities.

The herald sun quoted: 'Whatever Serap Tilki wore, her beauty would explode like a star and everyone would be eager to grab a fragment of it".
by AN AGNOSTIC LOSER January 19, 2018
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Serap is THE hottest girl in this whole damn universe! And EVERY universe! She is one of the nicest, prettiest girls you will know and she is a complete pervert and/or stalker. Be careful, she's weird, but everyone will love her!
This is one chick who is AMAZING in bed! She will do ANY position! She knows what she's doing ;D
Damn, check out that hottie! She's a Serap for sure!
by Rin Kaga May 14, 2012
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