the day that crackheads are born. they usually are shortest of the friend group and have a broken foot. crippled
wow that girl is really a crackhead

look she is crippled too
must be born on september 19
by tallwhitegurl October 18, 2019
september 19 is talk like a pirate day. the best people are born on sepmber 19 but people born in march are jealous of them🤭
person1: it’s my birthday
person2: september 19? no wonder i’m so jealous of you, i’m born in march
person1: ahoy me hartys
by bigdeckboiii November 16, 2019
a cold hearted person was born on September 19th if one of your friends has this birthday RUN
" oh shes a bitch shes probably born on September 19th"
by yourdaddy11111111 December 9, 2019
The day the saviour of Australia was born, also it’s hermione grangers birthday AND talk like a pirate day
by Mango Popsicle October 19, 2019
people born on this day are beautiful like jason
He was born on september 19… probably a jason
by sdoopid123 November 24, 2021
Cutest people ever, like I mean hot and pretty, so if you know one pick them up and ask them out
My birthday is September 19th
Ohhhh, no wonder I love you ;)
by Daddy's barbie June 26, 2021
a really weird person but have a good sense of humour and have a 14cm dick they also are really fit and smell nice these are really nice people to be with and are the funniest people you will ever meat .
by yaaa broo December 16, 2019