The greatest day of all time
If you're born on this day you're truly special
Everyone likes you and wants to be your friend
Go thank your mom
And tell her she's a great woman
I really like everyone that was born in September 19th
by DanielisNarwhal October 15, 2019
Don’t worry about being late! It’s September 19th!
by Lxxlee September 15, 2021
national loving choi soobin day, this day is dedicated to showering the leader of the kpop group txt with love and adoration
x: what day is it?
y: September 19th!
x: oh, today feels like a good day to love choi soobin and stream crown from txt!
by iamurmoonchild October 15, 2019
National Anime day. Can be called ”Animber”, Anime+September=Animber.
Appreaciate all of the hentai, anime and yaoi that exists.
Yo, bro!

It's September 19th today, ANIMBER!
by TheNiggaMan April 19, 2019
THE guy who will fuck you up so hard you die. Hate sand niggas and wants to steal yo girl. He will
Joe:Look at the guy he dated my girlfriend
Falbert: he was born September 19th
by Urmomismygirlfriend December 7, 2019
This is the guy that hates blacks and burns jews. Racist but he will beat you up so hard you dad becomes dead. Fuck off away from him. If threatened he will steal your girl
I wish I was born on September 19th.
by Urmomismygirlfriend December 7, 2019