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Derogertory word used by the English and Australians for all American nationals. Derived from Rhyming slang (Septic Tank = Yank)
Will those stupid seppos ever shut up bragging about how much lemonade they can drink?
by William Balderdash March 16, 2003
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Slang for Americans - as septic tank rhymes with yank, but Americans are also full of shit like septic tanks
This seppo would not shut up about NFL last week
by Jun-YA October 09, 2006
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Australian version of "American'. Comes from rhyming slang
Yank = septic tank = "seppo" in the shortened form. Common in Queensland!
We don't like seppos here!!
by Andrew Davison April 19, 2006
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An Australian slang term for an American. Seppo being short for Septic, which in turn being short for "Septic Tank"
"Did you hear how loud that seppo was on the train, what a dick"
by Aus John September 18, 2008
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septic tank, rhyming slang for yank, an american person
would of been a good palace if it wasn't full of seppo wankers
by Anonymous December 09, 2002
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seppo (n.) seppos (n. pl.)

Derogatory term used by British and especially Australians for all American nationals.

1) Short for 'Separatist', i.e. 1776 separation from the Kingdom of Great Britain.
2) Derived from rhyming slang (Septic Tank = Yank).
1) In their country, seppos give tips regardless of the poor service.
2) My grandad was stationed in Pacific with the seppos during the second world war.
3) Person A: I am from Hungary
Person B: Is that even a country? I know that Europe is a country...
Person C (to Person A): Don't worry, she's just another typical seppo.
by duck n weave August 07, 2012
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Word used by for Americans meaning "Septic Tank Yank", The word was bacically introduced because all Americans talk a load of shit.
"I wish the Seppo would shut up"
by LMent June 15, 2005
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