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1. Seppo is an Australian term for Americans, derived from the Australian rhyme slang, "Septic Tank Yanks" due to their heightened sense of jealousy over America's modern toilet system. While still living in the dunny days of exterior outhouses, Australians envy the American septic tank systems that allow Americans to handle business in the comfort of their own home.
2. Seppo is an England and Australian term for Americans, who separated from the Olde Country to make a new life free from British culture. Seppo is an abbreviated form of separate or separatists.
"Some day when I visit America, I'm going to try out a Seppo Lou!"

Those Seppos leave our country, start a new country, and now they keep coming back! There's a Seppo everywhere you look!"
by Woweverynamereallyistaken March 25, 2019
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