When something is so funny it basically sends you into orbit
Dude that meme you sent me last night fucking sent me
by Syncubus October 03, 2020
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when something makes you laugh so hard it “sent you”. Think of people in a group running away because something is so funny.
“did you see that picture of James Charles’ ass?” “Yes oh my god that sent me
by Anydnk May 07, 2019
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When you look at a meme and feel either sad, hysterical, depressed, or laughing so hard that you are sent. There are a variety of emotions this is relevant to. You may catch your self swearing like a middle school drop out playing CS:GO, crying like a little bitch, saying "WHOOOOOO", or having a seizure.
Look at this meme I found, this sent me.
by KitCat_Meow May 18, 2019
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a thing where you link through to something (youtube, a blog, and article etc..) and you see someone has recently left a message "xxxx...sent me here" or "im here because of...xxxx"
charlie brookere sent me here
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Someone who sent you someplace with out for no reason makes you look stupid
Man he sent me on a dummy I was mad.
by Mosyis February 02, 2017
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