When something is so funny it basically sends you into orbit
Dude that meme you sent me last night fucking sent me
by Syncubus October 4, 2020
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when something makes you laugh so hard it “sent you”. Think of people in a group running away because something is so funny.
“did you see that picture of James Charles’ ass?” “Yes oh my god that sent me
by Anydnk May 7, 2019
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When you look at a meme and feel either sad, hysterical, depressed, or laughing so hard that you are sent. There are a variety of emotions this is relevant to. You may catch your self swearing like a middle school drop out playing CS:GO, crying like a little bitch, saying "WHOOOOOO", or having a seizure.
Look at this meme I found, this sent me.
by KitCat_Meow May 18, 2019
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I believe this expression has an oriental origin where the full form is translated as “It sent me away”, but usually someone “going away” or simple “gone” means “death”.

So, “it sent me” means that something is so hilarious or powerful that it send me to the other world immediately right here right now.
wtf man, that ult combo almost sent me.

oh god, this meme sent me :facepalm:
by Adrian Pape March 16, 2022
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a thing where you link through to something (youtube, a blog, and article etc..) and you see someone has recently left a message "xxxx...sent me here" or "im here because of...xxxx"
charlie brookere sent me here
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make someone laugh SUPER hard
bro when kyle walked in wearing that he sent me flying
by legrazer February 3, 2020
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When something is hilarious; when something has made you laugh
“Do you remember when will smith slapped chris rock
“Yea that sent me up
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