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Another term for Cockblock.

A Selvey is certainly not a team player.

A Selvey will certainly hate on your game, although you are friends and he eats your Cheez-its.

A Selvey will abandon his friends in the middle of the road for a low quality peace of pootang turned down by the health inspector. But! He will gladly forget his transgressions when the pussy rots and is carried away by maggots.

A Selvey will usurp your possesions without a second thought, like a desk or the above mentioned Cheez-its.

A Selvey shall die alone.
"WTF man!? You're such a fucking Selvey!!!"

Selvey's Friend - "Hey Selvey, I just found two girls to hang out with you, me, and Bob tonight"
A Selvey - "If the hottest one does not end up with me,
no one is getting laid"
by Iodax February 14, 2010
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