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1. Showing concern for only yourself and not for the desires of other people in regards to sending a selfie
2. The act of being selfish while taking selfies
3. An uncanny method/mode of teasing (most commonly executed by Females)
Vicky: Hang on, i'm taking selfies.
Tony: Where's my selfie?
Vicky: Nowhere. There are none for you.
Tony: You're being Selfiesh
by Flxme May 28, 2016
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(ADJECTIVE; pronounced SELF-EESH) Used to describe someone obsessed with selfies.
JOHN: Bridget has NOTHING but pixellated selfies all over her facebook page...
VLADIMIR: Man! That girl is selfiesh!
by toddarth April 18, 2014
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Only posting pictures of one's self (selfies) on social networks.
Have you seen all of the pictures of herself on Dana's Facebook page?

Yeah. She's so selfiesh.
by jason1717 March 30, 2014
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To not allow someone in your selfie; being selfish with a selfie.
Brian: bro let me in your snapchat selfie!
Anthony: nah man me only.

Brian: bruh stop being so selfiesh
by Sterfrymcfly December 17, 2014
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