a girl who posts nothing but selfies on Instagram. Many of their selfies feature the duck face, a really annoying fucking face that consists of kissy lips and looks really fucking stupid.
Bestie: You're SO a selfie queen! You post nothing but selfies on Instagram and many of them feature the duck face
Instabitch: *Takes duck face picture of herself* SELFIEEE!! Better post this shit on Instagram before all my followers forget what I look like! #selfie. #whitegirl. #duckface. #single. #cute. POST!!!
by Yolo Drake March 14, 2015
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A guy who takes a feminine amount of selfies, often an insult.
Guy 1: "Aidan is overthrowing Alister as Selfie Queen!"
Guy 2: "Dude, we need to get him away from Snapchat!"
by idowatiwant02thuglyf12vie August 07, 2014
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