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When one person has a seizure and starts a chain reaction. Suddenly, a whole bunch of people end up writhing on the floor together.
Person 1: Oh no! I'm having a seizure!
Person 2: Be carefull, you might start a seizure salad!
by Alexis and Brianna December 03, 2009
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The effects of getting really stoned and tripping out hard. Usually followed by making lots of food and watching ridiculous television.
Brad and I got so seizure salad last night and watched Intervention.
by jakester17 March 02, 2008
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The negative result of mixing drugs, the most common of which is Extacy and speed.
Did you see guy last night, he was off his face... he started having a seizure salad on the dance floor
by SniperWolfings September 03, 2007
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