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A small town outside of San Antonio fill with wanna-be Mexican gangsters. These kids fill up the majority population of Seguin. There also are the rednecks, who wear boots every day and can't stop talking about their

"bucksticks". People in this town tend to believe they are the best fucking people on the planet. There are few black people in the town and even less asians. But I do guarantee you will not turn a street corner without seeing a group of cholas wearing black shirts with something about "haters" printed in neon coloring.
Bob: Hey, I've been thinking about moving to Seguin, Texas. Any thoughts?

Lupe: 0h y3a, m3 && mii chickas fckkin l0ve it th3r3. its pretty hxc there so yyou b3tter n0t talkk shit over there!

Bob: Oh shit, there are more people like you there? Nevermind.
by Seguinsuckss March 27, 2011
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