C see

a polite way to call a bad female a cunt upon leaving her vicinity

This is widely used in Montreal Quebec, and differs from other usages were the T is a weekday
She wouldn't get out of my movie theatre seat so I said See you Next Time as I left.

by Zolta January 18, 2006
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Code for a nasty woman. The acronym is NOT S Y N T, but phonically C U N T.
After an argument with a woman, take the apparent high road with a "See you next time" to mean "you're just nasty."
by Admiral Sunshine September 24, 2010
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A phrase used in some Super Mario Bloopers.
Child 1: Fuck yours douche!
Teacher: I heard that, come with me child!
Child 2: See you next time, fucker!
by Cola1 February 20, 2011
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