the longest meal you've ever had to sit through. for the jewish holiday passover. also, contains all your least favorite foods.
want to come over to my house for seder?
by drahcus February 14, 2010
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sedering (verb): to pretend to be progressive while acting as a attack dog for DNC

- named after Youtube host Sam Seder
there he goes, Seder is sedering again, he just found another reason why solution for every problem is to vote for more democrats

did you watched his show today? Sam was sedering the whole time, apparently it's never a good time to pressure democrats do fight for things they campaigned on, it's just not the right time... we should do it some other time ...
by nathaniel7 December 23, 2020
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Imposters that attend cultural events solely for free food and alcohol. These free loaders manipulate vulnerable clueless hosts for invitations. They strategize through lies and dishonest intentions. The master manipulators pretend to care about your customs. They will go as far as to wear a Yamaka on top of there nappy afros. They will fake laugh at jokes as-well pretend to adore and tolerate your nasty untrained pets. They influence children to partake in unhealthy immature practices such as drinking alcohol. The impressionable children will learn to skip dosages of insulin, skip doctor appointments, forget allergy medications, not use CPAP due to the influence of the seder nixxa's. They are lowly members of society and remember to not invite them into your home!
A: "Hey bro what are you doing this weekend?"
B: "Its passover, i'm probably gonna crash a seder for the free alcohol"
A: "Dam bro you mind if i come too?"
B: " come through bro its not my wine"
A: " your a Seder nixxa for life!!"
by Pseudophed-head April 8, 2023
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During the Passover holiday, the sexual act of simultaneously spitting, flicking boogers, defecating, shaking dandruff, urinating and ejaculating on the bare stomach of your Jewish lover, thus simulating the six traditional items on the Seder Plate. For extra emphasis, the main actor should commence this act by jubilantly shouting “let my people go!” at the point of climax.
I gave my main squeeze Yael a wicked hearty seder plate last night; it took her 3 hours to clean herself.
by Joost De Egressor March 12, 2008
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Political commentator, screenwriter, and podcaster host of The Majority Report w/ Sam Seder. Politically progressive/left wing and a decent dude, but not afraid to dunk on Dave Rubin and Jimmy Dore for dodging debate.
Me: "Is Sam Seder's show as good without Michael Brooks?"
Other guy: "No, but give it a watch anyway, it's worth it."
by Troi_Baker May 15, 2021
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1) the jewish meal at passover
2) the ultimate and hottest thing ever created (gods gift to males and lesbians)
"yo kive, your about as corn as seder's mom"
by skeeeeeet April 23, 2005
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