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bastardization of securist(former member of the secret police in Romania), the term usually points to a guy in his twenties whose parents(most commonly, the father), once members of the secret police(i.e. Securitate in Romania before 1989), repositioned themselves after the regime fall in top executive positions in the newly market-economy. Consequently, Secu, having examples in his parents, doesn’t give a shit on things like law, common sense, other people needs and, generally, anything that points to humanity. He uses his money(which he never works for, but are given to him by mom&dad) to buy crack, weed, pop(skandic) or anything that would make him high as fuck. The complete experience for such a guy is getting stoned, giggling and chasing a lepra in the forest at 3 am. Although he places particular importance on the cultivation of leisurely hobbies, Secu is not at all what would you call a dandy as he has no principles, values or ideals.
Dutzy: Yo, sup Secu?
Jebele: Nothin’ dude, just really tired.
Dutzy: Why?
Jebele: You know, got poped last night with the boys and ran after those fucking lepras.
Dutzy: Shit, Secu, I told you to calm down.
by stv'ul November 16, 2006
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