A longboard company that sells decent longboard decks, although a lot of 11 year old newbie boarders think S9 is the best company hands down. They often go and get their parents buy a S9 complete and try to act cool even though they don't know anything about boards. These people give S9 riders a bad name often.

NOTE: To avoid this say the name of your board not "Sector 9" (See Example 1)

Also over the years S9 has started putting Chinese low-quality parts on their boards, Gullwing Chargers are no longer USA made and feel cheap now. The Decks are still good though!
Ex, 1
Randy: "What board you riding?"
Andy: "A 9 Star -Paris trucks, and Retros"
Randy: "Niceee"

Tip: Don't get pre-made Sector 9 boards select your own parts, and get the reviews first. Have a boarding specialty in mind like Cruising.
by S9custom March 27, 2010
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A completely instrumental/electrical band based out of Santa Cruz. Quite possibly the best live band ever. Notable cds Include Interplanetary Escape Vehicle, Artifact, and the most recent Peaceblaster. To most listeners it can be abbreviated to STS9.
Sound Tribe Sector 9 has been known for their live performances and laser light shows
by Stine09 August 21, 2009
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a techno jazz band well known for their amazingly unbelievable shows expecially at red rocks. Nothing compares to one of their concerts expecially if you are on some crazy drug. If you live in colorado it is a must that you experience the concert it will change your life at red rocks.
"Last night was insane sts9 (sound tribe sector 9) was so fucking good"
by stacio of hallow freak'n ween October 31, 2008
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